Mounts Park Marker

Descendants of William Mounts unveiled the stone marker at the site of Mounts Station on October 6, 1940

Save Mounts Park!

What is Mounts Park? A 200+ acre area park in Morrow, OH, located on Stubbs Mill Road just before you come to Rt. 22/3.

Why is it Historically Significant?  Probably the first settlement in the county, settled in 1795...made by the William Mounts’ family and five other families. It was known as Mounts’ Station... As soon as the news of their safe arrival on their lands reached their friends in Virginia, where many had been anxiously awaiting the result and report of the advance, there was at once the most tremendous tide of emigration from all the east, but especially from Virginia and Pennsylvania...Many of the first settlers had been soldiers under General Wayne in the Indians Wars.1 

In 1940 the first significant thing the Warren County Historical Society did was erect a marker to Mounts Station. Approximately 300 people attended the dedication of the monument near the site of “old Mounts Station” on what was called in 1940 “Stubbtown Road, just north of the CCC Highway.” Today the location would be said to be on Stubbs Mill Road just north of US 22 and SR 3. The stone was unveiled by six young girls, all descendants of William Mounts. They were Evelyn Fisher, Dorothy and Miriam Rogers, Dorothy Mounts, Virginia Moise, and Nancy Newman. 

Why the Urgency? The land has been owned by Hamilton Township for over 10 years and is part of Mounts Park.  Now the Township wants to sell Mounts Park.  

What can You DO to Help? Spread the word and sign the petition here.

1From an article which originally appeared in the Winter 2015, Vol. II, Issue 1 edition of Pathways: Morrow’s Past, Today, the newsletter of the Morrow Area Historical Society.